Presently, digital technology and software have taken the world by storm. One of the best digital innovations in society today is blockchain. Blockchain is a digital innovation that is misunderstood by many, which shouldn’t be so. Frankly put, it is a digital ledger technology that can be used for several purposes. Some of these purposes include providing a platform for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and sending information safely.

That said, it is used by many institutions and industries worldwide. The education system has found a massive use for blockchain, and it has benefited from it in many ways. Below are some ways in which blockchain has impacted the education sector.

Blockchain Provides Fast Access to Student Records
For a long time now, student records have been prone to theft. They are also especially prone to manipulation and damage.

Additionally, the bulk of physical records make it tedious to access individual records. Blockchain is a digital innovation that has helped to solve this problem. It does this due to its large accommodation for information and other digital tools.

These digital tools have also made it possible for many teachers and lecturers to dish out vital information to their students at a fast rate.

It Makes Issuance of Certificates Easier
Certificates are vital pieces of information that highlights your completion of a particular discipline. However, because of the events of the pandemic, the issuance and provision of certificates have proven to be extremely difficult.

Fortunately, similar to storing grades and other irks information, blockchain is a platform that can store and distribute certificates digitally.

Although you may think this to be very difficult to achieve, it is already being done in multiple countries. For example, schools like MIT have begun using blockchain to issue certificates to their most recent graduates.

Ultimately, this prevents students from submitting fraudulent certificates to potential employers. If you ask employers what their biggest problem is in the hiring process, many would say fake certificates.

It Can Deliver Automated Lectures
Due to the pandemic, we all know how hard it is to receive lectures. Several industries have been forced to close down physically, which includes the education sector.

Luckily, several digital tools have surfaced to ensure that the education system continues to function and teachers can continue to impact young minds.

One of the tools that have helped with digital learning is blockchain. This digital innovation has a lot of tools institutions can use, such as smart contracts. These smart contracts are mainly automated, so this means that lecturers can drop their notes conveniently. At the appropriate time, the lecture would be automatically dropped for students to access.

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As you can see from the points above, blockchain has impacted the education sector in different ways and has found solutions to issues encountered in the traditional system.