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Eric Dalius, Marketing Innovator and Real Estate Investor, has joined Starlite Partners Network LLC as investment manager. Starlite is a tech driven Opportunity Zone company based in Miami. Starlite’s primary goal

Project development will take place through the Starlite Fund. It is here that Mr. Dalius’ involvement as Investment Manager will allow him to apply skills learned through a lifetime of real estate related activities.

Eric Dalius – University and Career

Eric earned his degree from Penn State University in 1992. Immediately thereafter, he joined MCI Telecommunications, where he became the number one US sales representative in his industry sector, all within two years. Entrepreneurial pursuits began in 1994 upon leaving MCI. These pursuits ultimately covered successful foray’s into a wide array of business sector.

Eric Dalius – Giving back

While the financial incentives of Opportunity Zone investing are many, the ability to provide affordable housing aligns perfectly with his current activities as Managing Director of the Eric Dalius Foundation. The foundation has brought Mr. Dalius much joy. He expects this trend to continue and expand through the years. It is his hope that Opportunity Zone investing will only enhance the satisfaction he takes from the philanthropic pursuits created by the foundation. Its stated goal is to help university age students source needed financial aid. It is not much of a stretch to see the synergy of combining Opportunity Zone investing.