In this power-packed episode of power of resilience, Jamie R. Wright digs deep into her own experiences and recounts how she triumphed and bounced back from domestic violence amid COVID-19. It has been told that the message will be a part of the Resilient Stories Podcast anchored by Dr. Tommy Watson. Excerpts from the episode suggest that the encounter will be massive as it uncovers the plight of many, especially during the coronavirus-induced lockdown.

In this episode, Jamie R. Wright reveals how scary and hard it is to cope with domestic abuse at a time when movement was restricted and the world was busy trying to stay alive. She highlighted that keeping the right attitude was crucial to helping her fight the ugly situation effectively after the pandemic.

She urges everyone who is suffering domestic abuse or any form of oppression to remember that they always have a choice to make.

In her own words, she said, “Every individual has the power to choose their fate and stand by it. The ability to change your worldview lies in you. You are not a victim but a victor.”

As a victor from her battle against domestic violence and abuse, Jamie has learned from first-hand experience that everyone has their future in their hands. She admitted that some choices may be tough to make, especially when there is a lot of pain involved, but she quickly highlighted that making these tough scary decisions are all it takes to triumph over abuse.

She said, “Simply put, your future is in your hand. What you make out of it depends on you. Determination is all that matters. You choose your destiny; no one can determine it for you.”

Overall, Jamie’s message to listeners and readers is an encouragement to people to choose their fate correctly and not allow any human being to control them. She encourages her audience to build themselves up and interact with people that will help sharpen the way that they see things. Away from domestic violence and abuse, she highlights that a positive mindset is necessary to achieving one’s life goals.

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