Virtual Assistant: A Booming Career this Pandemic

2020 is a year where most Filipinos lost their jobs due to the rise of unexpected virus,
commonly known as COVID19. The effect of this virus that started to hit us last March 2020 caused several lockdowns in all areas, wherein majority of business transactions were put into halt. Since businesses need to operate as usual in order to survive, they come to the point that all meetings and transactions will be processed virtually, thus, bringing them the need to hire Virtual Assistants.

How Businesses define the Role of Virtual Assistant?
A Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative services to clients while operating outside of client’s office. Typically, a Virtual Assistant operates from a home office but can perform clerical tasks such as Data Entry, Content Editing, Transcription, Scheduling, Accepting Phone Calls, and Social Media Management.

Are Virtual Assistants sufficient to support our economy?
Since face to face transaction is not yet permitted up to this writing, the need for Virtual Assistants continue to grow in most businesses. With this, majority of the Filipinos who lost their job migrate to this kind of career, thus, finding ways to enroll to different online courses to be hired locally and abroad, like the courses offered by Filipino Virtual Assistance Business Consultancy.

Launch of Virtual Assistance Course
Filipino Virtual Assistance (FVA) Business Consultancy is known for training more than 30,000 Filipino students to different online courses for higher probability of being hired for online jobs, both locally and abroad. And one of the famous courses they offered is the Freelancing, or the Virtual Assistance course. Given this course, FVA Business Consultancy helps our economy survive thru developing more Virtual Assistants amidst this pandemic.