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The German Shepherd is a playful, sociable and intelligent dog that has won the hearts of most of the people. It has a balanced character, it is not dependent on its owner but it does show him loyalty.

It is a famous breed for appearing in both movies and series, since these furry dogs have a great facility to be trained . However, not everyone knows the wide variety of German Shepherds that exist. They are very similar to each other! Although each one has its own peculiarities.

This canine breed is originally from Germany, although over the years it has spread throughout the world. We can find several variants of German Shepherds, although the only ones that are officially recognized by the International Cynological Federation (FCI) are those with long hair and short hair. If you need to read more details, pls visit

One of the best known variants is the  black German shepherd Its body is identical to that of the traditional shepherd , although its coat is completely dark and can be short or long. These furry are excellent athletes and are often part of the brigades to detect explosives. 

Another quite popular type of German Shepherd is the saber. Although it is almost identical to the traditional German shepherd, it differs from it by the distribution of the colors of its coat . In general, this variety usually has a grayish or black coat accompanied by brown spots. In addition, it is a friendly and affectionate dog that enjoys outdoor activities.

We can also find the German shepherd panda. It is a little known furry due to its peculiar appearance. The coat of this dog is multicolored! Thus, its abdomen and legs are mostly white, while its muzzle and back have brown or black spots. Although its appearance is not similar to that of the German Shepherd, this dog enjoys outdoor activities and exploring nature. Like all dogs of this breed! If you want to know all the variants of German Shepherds and discover some breeds with similar characteristics, do not miss the following gallery.

Short haired german shepherd

They are very active dogs that need physical exercise on a daily basis. The German Shepherd is among the most intelligent dog breeds, although they need training from puppies. 

Long-haired german shepherd

The fur of these dogs measures around 60 centimeters! It is a variety that stands out for its soft and silky coat. In addition, their hair should be brushed twice a week with a metal brush.

Working German Shepherd

This variety differs from the traditional German shepherd by its physique, since they have greater muscles and collaborate as police, firefighter or rescue dogs.

Dwarf german shepherd

The dwarf German shepherd is not officially recognized as it suffers from various pathologies such as thyroid problems or sterility. Therefore, crossbreeding between dwarf German shepherds is not allowed.

Black german shepherd

These dogs need constant exercise and run freely in the mountains or on the beach. In addition, their fur should be brushed daily to keep it soft and shiny.

Sable german shepherd

It is a well-known variant as it looks similar to the traditional German Shepherd. They are good watchdogs , although they also stand out for their friendly and playful nature.

Swiss white shepherd

Although it is a recognized breed, this dog was known as the White German Shepherd. It is a protective and affectionate furry that is also used for therapies.

Dutch shepherd

Like the German shepherd, this furry one shares origin with different breeds. These dogs have been bred for work and not for beauty, so they tend to have few health problems. However, it is necessary to watch that they do not suffer from hip dysplasia.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

It is a cross between German shepherds and Carpathian wolves. These dogs have a very strong temperament, so they are not suitable for beginning trainers.