Music artist Lonleybandz is presenting a soundscape of modern-day hip hop flavors with the edge of lyrical magnetism with his exquisite soundscape. He may have just started with his creative journey but within this time has radiated his artistic virtues across the audience. He utilizes compelling rhythmic patterns with some of the most hard-hitting lyrical; expansions in his songs. He is vocal about his musical and lyrics that resonate  beautifully with the themes of his songs. His mix of various technical and musical craftsmanship has resulted in a captivating sundry that keeps the audiences hooked to his music for long.

The artist is now 21 years old but his music speaks of experience and exposure. The Tulsa solo artist Lonleybandz is currently based out of San Diego, California and is associated with the Cartel oil records label. His growth as an artist has been expanded with this production collaboration that allows him to showcase more of his creativity. His use of contemporary hip hop grooves gives his audiences a peek into his undying personality as an artist and as a creative harbinger. His themes resonate with real life and its experiences as he curates a soundscape that gives his fans a true view of his own feelings and emotions.

Hip hop has always been genre-bending in terms of its evolution and influences over the ages. Lonleybandz also portrays his individualism in his music that resonates in songs such as ‘Oceans’‘Through the Town’, ‘Damaged’ and ‘Out the Mud’. His potential is gradually getting acknowledged by the relevant industry as he continuously experiments and pushes his limits to aim for the best. His eccentricity is audible in his music and comprises as an important ingredient in his soundscape. Be a part of his creative hip hop saga by following him on SoundCloud, YouTube and Twitter.

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