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An App to have Gps stamps and Location Details with Date and Time on Picture in Polaroid Frame.
SURAT, INDIA- 24 July 2020; All Excellent Apps, an innovative mobile development company, has recently launched GPS Map Polocam camera: Add geotag & timestamp application for android platform, Which is utilized to include Location details with hashtags on the picture in PolocamFrame.

In today’s time, users love to create their memories in the form of pictures. Also, they love creativity so they usually do so many things to make creative pictures. Here this app is doing one of such job. With this app, you can frame your pictures in Polaroid frames the way people used to capture photos in old times.

From GPS Map Polocam camera application you will able to add date timestamp, Location Stamp, GPS Map, and Hashtags in the polaroid frame. This app has various types of maps so you can choose from these. This app is GPS based application so you do not need to mention your place details by self because this app does this automatically.

“ We utilized GPS and Photography and also frame it like the old days. We Developed an app, from this you can secure your memories in the shape of images. We have framed your days to remind you of your old days. ” – CEO and Founder Of All Excellent apps Mr. Chirag Gabani

Application Features :

Click pictures like framed in old days
Get current date on pictures
Mention Location Details on Pictures
Add Gps Map In Normal, Satellite, Terrain, Hybrid types
Add Relatable Hashtags on pictures.

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