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The new capital is a hot zone for business units, a lot of project malls are being built, and a lot of businesses will launch soon. So being ahead of the competition is important. Choosing the perfect location is essential, and that’s what we brought today.

Today we will introduce the Zaha Park Mall project, one of the foremost far-famed malls within the New Capital. It will be delivered in 2023, and It’s considered the primary business center in Egypt. The Zaha Park Mall was designed by the engineer “Zaha Hadid”, it has a wavy structure giving it a beautiful and futuristic look. The Zaha mall is very distinctive in the central downtown thanks to its look and perfect location.

Hometown Company selected this location for people to benefit from the opportunities to invest in such a large project. So, it is necessary to grasp the advantages, services and systems, and costs of Zaha Park Mall.

Zaha Park Mall is found in an exceptional location as an investment project. It has everything needed to attract customers because it combines work, pleasure, safety, and luxury. It’s settled within the heart of the new Capital in a vital commercial area of MU-23 in plot e15. Besides serving the customers of R2 and R3.

The Mall directly overlooks Al Amal Axis in MU23, which connects directly to Suez-Ain Sokhna Road. It is a few minutes away from the Administrative Capital International Airport. Moreover, it is located minutes away from the Fifth Settlement. From the mall, it is easy to reach the government district, the Green River, the Embassies neighborhood, and the Sports City.

The perks of Zaha Park won’t be found in any other place. You won’t only benefit from the location. But also the services provided within the units, air conditioners, the finish, safety and management systems, the landscape of a synthetic lake, a sandy beach, a dancing fountain, amusement services from a bowling center, and a children’s area.

Not to mention the areas and costs of the suitable Zaha Mall units, multiple payments, and installment systems, and also the company’s discounts.

The Zaha Park Mall is very large with 7,200 m2 of space. The mall has 9 floors in addition to the ground floor. As for ​​Zaha Park Mall unit areas, they’re divided to suit all tastes and businesses. If you would like to own your unit you’ll select between:

    – The commercial unit spaces: from twelve m2 to 238 m2 (extending from the bottom floor to the 2d floor).   – The government and administrative unit: from twenty-six m2 to eighty-one m2 (from the sixth floor to the ninth floor).   – The medical unit spaces: from twenty-six m2 up to eighty-one m2 (from the third floor to the fifth floor).

Unit prices in Zaha Park Mall are appropriate for investment in an exceedingly large project, they were principally determined to facilitate investment for varied projects. the costs vary in line with the sort of unit you want, its areas, and location, as:

    • – The price per meter for


    • units starts from 77,000 EGP on the


    • floor and reaches 130,000 EGP on

the bottom

    – The price per meter of medical units in Zaha Park starts from 46,000 EGP. – The price per meter for administrative units starts from 37,000 EGP.

There are discounts up to 20% on the worth per sq meter, and therefore the costs of shops in Zaha Park begin from 1,500,000 EGP.

HomeTown Company has set up multiple systems for booking Zaha Park Mall’s units in installments according to the following methods:

The 1st system: Paying 5% down payment of the unit price, the installments over 8 years.

The 2nd system: 10% down payment, the installments over 8 years, and a 10% discount.

The 3rd system: paying 15% down payment, the installments over 9 years, and a 15% discount.

The 4th system: 20% down payment, the rest in installments over 10 years, and a 20% discount.