As ferocious and furious as ever, artist STEVE MOFFITT is back on the horizon to expand his reach and this time the Victoria Rock music artist has come back with a bold and endearing style to feature his craftsmanship. The talented rock musician entitles a unique melody line that brings fresh new vibes to the rock genre. With favorable shades of rock mixed impressively with various shades of adult contemporary, electronic, and rock sounds, the singer channels both his emo and killer-vibe all at once with his soundscapes. Shedding off all cobwebs with his eccentric style and vocal prowess, the singer has released several high-octane soundtracks that fetch him his deserved spotlight.

Few such songs are ‘LIVING HARD’, ‘COREY’, ‘Little Baby Girl’, and LONLINESS’. Apart from being creatively built, the songs have been composed on hardcore bruised rock sound combined interestingly with his new slice of aggression. The artist keeps things intriguingly engaging and aims to tear the set norms of the rock music landscape by injecting his individuality and uniqueness. Creatively playing with the guitar strings and infusing unsettling electronic instrumental sounds to perfect his melody line, the artist shares unique stories. From heavy stomping of rhythms to catchy, emotive melodic bars, the artist explores and includes it all in his music to present a sense of character to his creations. His vocals lead the listeners through a tunnel of mesmerizing rock notes that hooks to their minds forever.

STEVE MOFFITT is a solo artist, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and drummer who has been recording music for several years now. His music is a fine blend of rock, blues, country, and contemporary sounds and the artist finely composes them all under the label MOFFITT. Currently, the artist is gearing up to release his debut album titled COLORFULL. Find him on Soundcloud, YouTube, and Facebook for further updates.

Listen to Steve Moffitt’s ‘LIVING HARD’ track on Soundcloud:

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