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Pravek Kalp was incorporated in 1996, in Uttar Pradesh, India; since then it is expanding in the retail segment. The name itself explains what it is upto; the name is derived from ancient language Sanskrit where Pravek is the best and Kalp is treatment. Yes, the ayurvedic medicines offered help you to cure your illness effectively.

Stomach issues are neglected by people which leads to several severe health issues. If you are worried because of excess gas formation and cannot find the cure then you are at the right page. You can look for lavan bhaskar churna to get relief from poor appetite, bloating, abdominal pain due to excess gas formation, flatulence, spleen disorders and constipation. Basically, the churn is an amalgamation of herbs with salts that boost appetite as well as promote healthy digestion.

The right eating habits can help you to keep yourself away from the stomach disorders. However, when the conditions are not improved just with the apt eating habits then you can go for regular consumption of panchsakar churna  for the effective results.  The churna facilitates you to treat constipation, bloating and other disorders related to impaired digestion. Moreover, it also improves the function of the liver and stomach by improving digestive strength, hyperacidity. You can also detoxify your body by eliminating harmful toxins with the help of churna.