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Moving to a new location can be stressful and inconvenient. There are too many things to keep in mind, too many moving parts that you have to check. Balancing between your employees, the movers, and even organizing responsibilities while your business is running can be too much, especially if things don’t go as planned.
Searching for things like office removal services in London can be helpful. But you need to make a good strategy before you move. Below is a helpful guide to help you successfully move.

Check the new facility
Make sure to evaluate the new facility a few times before deciding to move. This could help you make an effective plan for your supply chain or optimize your workflow with the new floor layout. The new facility should be able to include not just what your company needs, but also what your employees need to be able to work in a good environment. Brainstorming with your team is a great way to keep everyone involved. You can use your move as a company team-building exercise to lighten the mood. It’s also a good idea to plan on where you will put the furniture and fixtures. Put markings as well so it will be easier to place those items in that spot when you move.

Find a removals company
Now that you have a new facility in mind, it’s time to book a good removals company to help with your move. Depending on the size of your equipment, you might need to ask for a lorry when moving.
Companies like Office Moves London and Office Removals London offer various packages for moving needs. Make sure you communicate with them properly so your move is as seamless as possible.

Manage your inventory
Once you have a proper schedule of when you move, it’s time to organize your inventory. Sort through everything you have in the office. This is the time for you to declutter your old items that cannot be used anymore. If the removals company will be the one to pack and move your inventory, make sure that you
identify anything fragile so they can handle it with more care.

Plan & Strategize
Divide the work among the employees. If you are moving during business hours, divide your team into two and make a schedule for each of them. There should be a team that stays in the old office or warehouse. This team will be the one to oversee business operations for that day. The second team would be responsible for organizing the new facility. They will be working closely with the moving company.

Update your company information
Before the move, all of your vendors, suppliers, partners, and clients should be aware that you are moving to a new location. Update your company details too so new customers won’t be confused. This also makes sure that there won’t be shipments sent to the wrong address. Keep in mind to transfer your utility services to your new address. Contact the post office as well.

Fix your paperwork
Having done your paperwork will ensure everything goes smoothly. You should have your fire, building, and occupancy permits prepared before moving. Confirm everything from your local municipality that you have met all the requirements. Codes can vary per city so make sure you double-check you got everything correct and up to date.

Prepare a contact list
Compile a list of phone numbers and other information you will need in case of an emergency. Everyone in your team should have this list in case they need to contact someone. Moving into a new warehouse or office can be stressful. With this, the team will not easily panic searching for the right emails or numbers. It helps everyone contact the right person quickly.

Moving to a new location allows your business to make a fresh start. It can help you re-organize your inventory and make a few tweaks to your workflow and operations. This helps you find the best layout for your new workspace. Participation from everyone in your team will make the move into the new facility more efficient. Finding a good removal company and communicating with them well also helps
ensure everything goes well during the move.