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Designing the Conversation ( is an open discourse with Chrissy Clary — a Harvard-educated digital strategist, UX leader, and martech expert — as she explores the intricacies of today’s digital communications landscape.

Our author leans on her unique perspective and a deep understanding of the creative process to lead an open and sometimes vulnerable dialogue about living and working with technology, surviving in the new normal, and digital communications theory.

“As marketing becomes ever more tech-enabled with things like personalization, marketing stacks, and AI, we have an unlimited number of tools and resources available, but seeing the forest for the trees is a growing struggle for marketers,” said Clary.

“The work I do puts me precisely at the point where words and technology collide, and I find no shortage of problems to solve and things to talk about; still, I would like to know what others are struggling with today – maybe we can get through the new marketing-normal together.”

Understanding the nuance of a conversation and learning to weave a robust digital dialog into a marketing campaign is now critical for communication professionals.

Anyone interested in striking up a conversation can contact her by visiting