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Kericho Gold is a brand to reckon with, not just in Africa or Asia, in the US as well as Canada. Launched in the year 2002, the specialty of the tea is that it is the finest blend of the different Kenyan teas from some of the best tea estates in the country. A lot of meticulous work goes on behind the scenes to prepare the tea. Great attention is paid to growing and collecting the tea leaves, and finally, the taste is prepared after a series of tea tasting sessions by domain experts. The brand stands premium, rich excellent taste, and a stimulating aroma that fills one with renewed energy.

The brand offers a range of premium tea. It finds a place in the hearts of tea conneseiuers because there are no artificial ingredients like sugar, colors, or preservatives added to get the taste or the aroma.

The brand’s range includes Silk teas, Specialty Tea, Infusions, Health and Wellness Teas like Kericho Gold Slim Tea, Attitude Teas, and Luxury Pyramid Tea ranges. The brand offers five premium tea variants with fifty-two separate tea blends. There are unexpected blends that can catch the user’s fascination, ranging from lime flavors to green tea, jasmine, chocolate, rose, mango, vanilla, cardamom, mint, and more such fruity and citrusy flavors.

The online store of Kericho Gold offers all these variants to customers in the US and Canada. The is now open to cater to the demands of Canada-based tea lovers. The Kericho Gold Slim Tea is one such product to look out for – also called Slima Tea; it is proving to be beneficial to people who are eager to lose weight and slim down. All that needs to be done is to make this variant a part of the daily diet. After consumption of three weeks continuously, users need to give a break of two weeks.

The Kericho Gold Black tea is another top item offered by the brand. It is trendy for its effectiveness in keeping the intermittent hunger pangs under control. The tea variant is fabulous when it comes to detoxifying the body and improving its immunity system.  Kericho Kenya tea is one of its kind of tea grown in different parts of Kenya and is filled with natural goodness and nutrients to fill the body with vigor. To order authentic Kericho Gold tea from Kenya, make sure to use the brand’s official website – a tea that promises to make a world of difference to your daily life!