Before knowing which option is better, let’s aware of the meaning of both these dental treatments.

What is Invisalign?

It is a method used to straighten teeth, being an alternative method of metal braces. This product is useful for correcting alignment issues that shift teeth gradually into the correct position.

What is Clear Correct?

It is a set of clear plastic aligner trays that gradually guide teeth to their new positions. It is an alternative to Invisalign.

To know about Clear Correct Vs. Invisalign, keep reading:

Though both these are used to make the teeth straight and improve your smile, these have some differences. Let’s learn below:

Difference# 1: Aligner Thickness

Clear Correct aligners are often thinner than Invisalign. People who prefer less visible aligners like Clear Correct. But thinner material can crack or break often; thus, care should be appropriately given.

Thus, you must prefer Invisalign since these are durable; therefore, if you lead an active lifestyle wherein you often busy playing or doing some activities; otherwise, you need to spend continually on Clear Correct.

Difference# 2: Comfort in the mouth

Since both these products use almost the same material, people still prefer Invisalign because they find comfort level somehow better. So, if you are comfortable wearing Clear Correct, you can carry on.

Comparison #3: Cost

When you find a shortage of money, you can go for Clear Correct; otherwise, Invisalign is a better option. The fact is, orthodontists, charge less while treatment with Clear Correct. But you will find Invisalign as an affordable option because of its durability.

Thus for affordable Invisalign, Invisalign Center of Mesa Dental will be the best alternative as it offers the best quality at an attractive cost.

When insurance covers your dental treatment, the cost of Invisalign will not affect you.

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