Before talking about lead generation, let’s first know what leads are. Leads are basically potential customers who are interested to buy a company’s product or services. These customers are the ones who provide their contact information, which one can be used to follow up with more information. Once the information is collected, it is then transferred to the sales department team to engage with them using custom-made content marketing programs.

One of the biggest benefits of lead generation on social media is about the possibility of focusing on high quality leads through advanced targeting. It means to improve the quality of leads is extremely important for B2B businesses.

Gated content is a type of content hidden behind a virtual gate. Interested readers will provide some basic information in order to access certain sites if the content is valuable enough. If you are generating leads through social media, you can promote gated content by posting a link to a landing page where readers will provide their information in order to gain access.

 Mildly interested readers will click through a landing page without accessing the gated content but will still provide their information if they feel that the content is of some interest to them. However, great leads are those readers who are really interested and would certainly benefit assuming that your content is relevant to the product or industry. These readers will not mind filling up the landing page form.