The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) has shared the first results of a global survey of consultants and service providers market. For the second year in a row, experts have included a1qa in the annual Global Outsourcing 100 ranking (GO100). It brings together the best outsourcing companies delivering services across multiple industries and providing high value to their clients.

Since 2005, the judges of the GO100 have been analyzing the applicants’ success rates based on the following metrics: programs fostering innovation, customer reviews, company recognition, and corporate social responsibility. High indicators in each of the four characteristics allow applicants to qualify for top positions in the final ranking.

The key objective of the IAOP platform is to create a single landscape for effective international cooperation helping the companies improve the quality of their services. The annual GO100 ranking serves as a comprehensive guide for market players looking for a reliable business partner.

CMO at a1qa, Dmitry Tishchenko, added:

“Within the landscape of fierce competition, outsourcing has become a clue to ensuring business continuity amid the uncertainty.

The QA industry is no exception, as it helps improve organizational efficiency and reduce QA costs while contributing to attaining clients’ mission-critical objectives through boosting software quality.

We are glad that IAOP’s experts highly appreciated a1qa’s diligence. The company will continue to follow this course, embrace innovation, and support our engineers in further development of their competencies.”

About the company

Throughout an eighteen-year history, a1qa has successfully completed 1,500+ projects for clients around the world. The company has experience in providing next-gen QA services across multiple industries, such as eCommerce, eHealth, telecom, BFSI, etc. More than 800 quality assurance engineers working worldwide develop proprietary Сenters of excellence and R&Ds. a1qa has confirmed its compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.