IMS Noida organized the Virtual International Conclave on the subject of English Language. The special guest giving their presence at the event are Spanish Business English Trainer Maria Sampio as a speaker, Julia Demi Certified English Trainer from USA, America’s Best Spelling and Award-Winning Author JM Buckler, Supreme Court Advocate Sr. Jessy Kurien, IMS Noida President Rajeev Kumar Gupta, Sr Director Dr. Kulneet Suri, IMS Dean Dr. Manju Gupta, teachers, and students. IMS Noida officially announced the ‘IMS Centre of International Language’ for the Study of Foreign Languages at the campus.

Dr. Manju Gupta, Dean of IMS Noida said, “Under the auspices of the IMS Centre of International Languages, the Virtual International Conclave on the subject of English Language is organized. The purpose of this center is to get students exposed to foreign language, global language, and business language variation.”

IMS Noida is constantly working for the all-round development of students. We hope that the students of the institute will continue to contribute to the creation of an enlightened and future India by realizing their dreams,” Dr. Manju Gupta added.