At a recent live panel discussion on business communication in the digital era, we had the opportunity to sit down with one of the panellists, Tim Entwisle. Entwisle is the director of copywriting and tender consultancy firm, Madrigal Communications.

Entwisle is a seasoned expert with over three decades of industry experience in communications for government organisations and corporate firms. He specialises in tender writing for infrastructure and construction businesses, corporate clients and various SME’s.

Entwisle says that government projects are the focus for many of his clients coming out of the lockdown period, so we asked him his advice on tendering for government contracts.

“The Australian government is investing in construction and infrastructure projects to boost the economy while the private sector suffers from economic downturn.They also have an obligation to test the market for new suppliers offering the best value and practice open tendering to allow for more equal opportunity. Now is the time to develop skills in tendering for government contracts.”

“Public contracts are an excellent opportunity to win new work for your business, however open tendering is competitive. Submitting a professional and persuasive tender proposal is a way to stand out from the competition.”

We asked Entwisle for his tips on drafting a tender response.

“Make sure you read the document carefully and understand e-tendering NSW requirements before drafting the proposal. Writers on a time crunch will miss the essential requirements and submit a non-compliant tender.”

He further explains, “To submit a compliant tender it is crucial you adhere to the specifications of the client. This includes word limits, formats and dot point numbering. Overlooking the sespecifications can make your proposal difficult to evaluate and frustrate your reader.”

Entwisle elaborates on a number of habits to avoid when writing the proposal. “I’ve observed that many writers include complicated jargon to establish themselves as an industry expert. This can have the opposite effect. Technical terms can make your proposal difficult to understand and alienate your reader.”

“When writing a tender proposal you have to strike the right balance between showcasing your achievements and catering to the documents requirements. If you lack the experience, attend a tender writing course or hire a professional to do the job for you.”