As temperatures continue to drop across the United States, it’s essential for people to take additional precautions and protect themselves against common winter illnesses, such as influenza (common cold) and the flu. Growing concerns regarding the second wave of the coronavirus have further prompted individuals to care for their personal health and ensure the safety of themselves and their families.

During this time, the online health and wellness platform, is helping increase awareness about personal health and safety in line with recommendations from the CDC.

Speaking about their efforts, a company representative stated, “At UrFitPal, our goal is to make health and wellness information more accessible and easier to understand. We routinely collaborate with medical experts to publish high-quality informational content about the various health and safety subjects such as food and nutrition, mental wellbeing, habit building, and fitness.” “This year, we’re focusing a large portion of our efforts on information regarding health during the winter season. Given the ongoing healthcare crisis, it has become even more important for people to prioritize wellbeing—particularly those who’re at a higher risk of complications. This includes young children, senior adults, and those with compromised immune systems.”

Healthcare workers are also urging individuals to take care of their health during this winter season. The symptoms associated with the flu and common cold closely match those of COVID-19, which can lead to unnecessary confusion. This is likely to further exacerbate the problem of America’s already overburdened healthcare system.

Additionally, medical professionals worry that illnesses commonly linked to the cold weather such as the flu, norovirus, strep throat, and RSV/bronchiolitis affect the lungs and can weaken them. As such, individuals who contract COVID-19 are after this are at a higher risk of developing severe symptoms. As such, it’s essential for businesses and consumers to come together and spread awareness and science-backed information about fitness and health.

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