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“As a psychoanalyst for many years, I worked with countless PTSD victims. I highly recommend The Aftermath for those seeking to understand trauma and know more about its manifestations and repercussions. Coffin writes with a deep and compelling veracity.” –Lore Reich Rubin, Author of Memories of a Chaotic World

“Coffin has written a deeply engaging novel of the struggle of a trauma survivor that makes the reader question what survival really means. We are carried into the near-madness of PTSD and the search for resolution. The tale of how, and whether, resolution occurs, written in Coffin’s evocative style, makes for compelling reading. The Aftermath is not so much read as experienced.” – Rebecca Meredith, Author of Last of the Pascagoula

Lyn Coffin (b. 1943) is an award-winning fiction writer, poet, playwright, translator. More than 30 of her books have been published by Doubleday, Ithaca House, Abattoir Editions and others. Her poems have won many awards and been published in more than a hundred literary reviews and magazines. Her plays have been performed in Singapore, Detroit, Boston, Off Broadway, Ann Arbor and Seattle. She was a recipient of a Michigan Council for the Arts grant and a National Endowment for the Humanities Award.

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