Every small business owner wears many hats as they plan, open and run their business. As growth occurs it is only natural to begin hiring to fill the roles the owner once had full control over. While some duties certainly require in house employees, there are other positions that you may consider to fill remotely with an agency, opposed to an in house employee. Internet marketing is likely one of those positions. MORBiZ offers the following reasons why an agency may be a better fit for your small or medium sized business.

Whole Team vs. Individual
When you hire an agency, you’re not just hiring one person. Agencies generally consist of a team of people who specialize in different areas, such as content, web design, app building and paid advertising, all of who will work together on your marketing efforts. While it is possible for one person to excel at all of these things and more, the cost of employing someone with that skill set could be very expensive, and chances are, they still won’t have the same capacity as an entire team.

Larger Tool Box
Speaking of capacity, when you hire an agency, you’ll have many web marketing tools at your fingertips that you may have never considered. At MORBiZ, we offer so much more than small business websites, though we do those very well. Our marketing agency can build custom small business mobile apps, conduct internet directory clean up services, social media marketing and even video marketing. The best part, the turnaround time to build these tools is very little compared to what it may take for an individual.

No Management Needed
When you hire an agency you can expect them to hit the ground running, and keep running and running and running. An agency will offer a hands-off approach to your marketing needs, without sacrificing the quality you want and deserve. Of course, the door (or phone or email inbox) is always open if you have certain requests for your web marketing campaign. This type of marketing means less time managing and more time focusing on sales and service.

Maximize ROI
The costs of hiring an individual marketing professional can be daunting. You need to consider salary, benefits, time off and so on and so forth. For an individual marketer to benefit your business, they need to be boosting your bottom line more than you’re spending to employ them. The same is true of course for an agency, but realistically, the upfront costs are much smaller, and the results often greater. For a small monthly fee you’ll see a return on your investment day after day, and year after year, nearly from the time you launch an agency Internet marketing campaign with MORBiZ. Hiring an individual may mean waiting a year or more before seeing a return on your investment at all.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of hiring an Internet marketing agency, talk to the pros at MORBiZ. Our toolbox full of expert web marketing tactics are ready to be shared to help you grow your business. Give us a call at 1-855-266-7249 or use this simple contact form to get started: https://www.morbiz.com/web-contact-form. Be sure to visit our website to learn more about how our services can boost your bottom line.