There is so much diversity in Indian cuisines, with each region having its distinctive culinary characteristics and numerous traditional dishes. Culinary diversity is one of India’s most important treasures. On World Food Day, &TV artist, Juhi Aslam, Vandana from Gudiya HumariSabhi Pe Bhari goes on Agra food trail to share his favourite local cuisine and eateries in the city. Says, Juhi Aslam, “Agra city is famous for its Petha, considered as one of the most iconic street food specialities. It is prepared from white pumpkin or ash gourd and mixed with nuts giving it a unique taste. It comes in two varieties – dry and hard while the other is soft and liquid. You can buy these at PanchhiPetha at Hari Parvat crossing. Agra is also famous for its Mughlai Cuisine, and one must visit Ram BabuParanthaBhandar at Gopal Bazar and Pinch of Spice atWazirpura Road to get the best of Mughlai cuisine. For the street food lovers, there is ChaatGali and Mama Chicken Mama Franky at Sadar Bazar, and for the ones with a sweet tooth, Deviram Sweets at Pratap Pura is a must-visit. In fact, at Deviram, one also gets the best Bedai, a popular breakfast dish amongst the locals. Whenever I visit Agra, I do make a point to buy Petha and Dalmoth, which are my most favourite and everyone at home relishes them. If you have not visited these local food destinations yet, then you must do so on your next visit to Agra city!On World Food Day, I would urge everyone to savour each bite and respect the food that we have on our plate. It will make a significant difference.”


So, if you have not tried these local cuisines in Agra yet, then you are truly missing something!


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