Proud Parents of a single daughter.

A girl, the perfect creation of God without whom the world wouldn’t have turned into generations. And yet, at her birth, there’s mostly a bone-chilling scream, Oh no, it’s a girl!”. Immediately her fate is sealed to DEATH! Yes, this beautiful creation of God is born to die here in our country India.

A study reveals that 3 to 7 lacs girl children are killed in the womb just for being girls. The study, published in the journal Lancet Global Health in the year 2018, has found that there is on average 239,000 excess deaths each year of girls under the age of five owing to neglect due to gender discrimination.

Cruel world, there also exists good souls, who feel blessed to be parents of a daughter and consider her a jewel in their crown, treat her like a princess, provide her a good upbringing and in the same way the daughter too makes her parents proud. We salute such daughters and fathers and invite them to join our community ‘Meri Laado’.

Meri Laado, a community aims to create such a society where a girl feels safe, happy and free. The community provides a platform to those wonderful fathers and amazing daughters who share a great bond and also have a great story to share. We want them to share their unique stories with us. We will present their story to the world to stop such atrocities against the girl child. We need your support to provide her a better world. We request you to kindly come forward and stand with us in this initiative.

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