(September 26, 2020): Isabel-Rose Kulski presents ‘The Saints of Zara: An Intimate Memoir,’ a true story that depicts the struggles of Armenian immigrants in the US. It rightly portrays the difficulties that the immigrants succumbed to during the tough times. The book goes on to touching several aspects of an individual’s life.

Through her book, she shares the story of her family while focusing on her father, Nishan. It beautifully portrays how families always need to stand during struggles and be there for one another. Throughout the book, Ms. Kulski’s life can be seen surrounded by loved ones both in good and bad times and throughout varied life experiences.

Isabel-Rose Kulski also has her own share of troubles and struggles. And using the learning, she closes each chapter enunciating memorable lessons. Being prudent with efficient responses, it leads readers to acknowledge reality. By aiming to touch all phases of life with a positive response to all situations, ‘The Saints of Zara: An Intimate Memoir’ is a historical treat to rejoice upon.



About Isabel-Rose Kulski:

Isabel-Rose Kulski is an American writer of Armenan descent.

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