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Rich Money Models released “The Bible of cheating part 2: How to catch your partner cheating on dating apps and with their Smartphone.” This is the continuation of the famous Bible of Cheating series.

Rich Money Models released the new book for its famous love life and dating guideline series. The new book is entitled, “The Bible of cheating part 2: How to catch your partner cheating on dating apps and with their Smartphone.” This is the next part of the Bible of Cheating series. The first part explains the method to catch the cheating partner on social media. This new part provides the guide to expose partners who use dating apps and use a Smartphone for cheating. The book is available in two different types, which are the e-book and the paperback. Each of them was written by Rich Money Models, as one of the items in this model agency business line.

The spokesperson of this agency explained, “After the first part of the Bible of Cheating received many good responses, we decided to make the second part of this popular guideline. In part 2, we cover the usage of dating apps and smartphones, which is more difficult to detect than social media. We understand how these two things relate to each other. They are used almost every day by modern people. They are also easy to use, which makes it difficult to find the cheating habit of our partner. So, our book will help anyone who wants to know about that. We hope it will become a good reference to create a better love life and relationship for all readers.”

Rich Money Models is a top model agency. However, even though it is a model agency, they also create many contents related to health, lifestyle, and modeling, mostly focusing on women’s audience.

With the model agency as its main business line, Rich Money Models also has proved to be a home of many famous faces in the modeling industry. Furthermore, this agency also provides a training course, which gives a chance for all women from all over the world to have their dream to be a model come true.

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Rich Money Models is one of the top and rising model agencies located in the U.S. It was founded in 2018 and kept growing into one of the important companies in the modeling industry. Besides modeling, this agency also provides many guided products for women to have a better life.

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