(September 19, 2020): Stein & Zeigel, the importer, manufacturer and wholesaler presents the largest selection of natursteinverblender and brick cladding. With over 10 years of experience in the field, the company offers unlimited possibilities for stones, benefitting designs over spaces. It caters to a vast market, from large commercial projects to individual new construction or renovation projects.

The cladding can be found all over the country, with them offering a large selection of stone facing bricks, ideally suitable for individual regions. It offers sandstone facing bricks in the sandstone slabs, steinverblender, quarry stone, layering and drywall. The sandstone cladding is available is a wide range of colours comprising red, brown, tan and gray. Get more info about steinpaneele

Stein & Zeigel also supplies stone panels, stone panel system and stone veneer catering to a larger array of consumers. Providing quarry stone facing, polygonal plates and stone wall tiles, Stein & Zeigel touts as being a preferred choice among all. Find more info about sandsteinplatten

About Stein & Zeigel:

Stein & Zeigel is a dealer, wholesaler, importer and manufacturer of natural stones and bricks in addition to natural stone facing, clinker brick slips, stone, systems and panels.

For more information, feel free to browse https://www.naturstein-verblender.de/