Dallas, TX – September 2020: A new advisory company – Freedom Firm LLC – is seeking to take the hard graft out of finding the right injury lawyer by doing all the work for the client.

Launched in August 2020, Freedom Firm is a non-legal advocate—a third-party that can competently vet law firms on your behalf.

“We are not a law firm, and that’s actually to the victim’s benefit,” said a company official. “We began this service as we understand how difficult it can be to find a great injury lawyer to work on your case.”

When victims begin a search for a lawyer online, they are often overwhelmed with names of local law firms, but it’s unclear which of these firms are capable of handling specific cases.

Victims should be asking themselves: Which ones handle accident cases like mine? Which ones have had issues with their local bar associations? Which ones are great at marketing, but lousy at providing competent legal representation?”

“If you happen to wind up on a legal directory, you will see hundreds of law firms all vying for your business,” the spokesman added. “What you will not see is anything that helps narrow down your search to the right law firm for you.”

Freedom Firm works systematically to find only the best legal representation and give you the information you need to make an educated decision on your attorney. Using their 360 degrees Smart Advocacy criteria, they will handle your legal matter with care, compassion and experience.

Their selection process includes assessing a lawyer’s experience reputation, success, affordability caring attitude, availability, advocacy and knowledge.

One of Freedom Firm’s first recommendations, having reviewed lawyers throughout Texas, is Oberheiden Law. Their attorneys had recovered more than $6 billion for injured victims, their rates are below market value, their attorneys are always available, and they offer free consultations. And they don’t charge unless a case is won.

For more information about Freedom Firm, contact them on 866-285-0510, or view their services at https://thefreedomfirmllc.com/.