First of all, it is recommended to consult with a social health professional so that they can more concisely assess the needs of the dependent person and decide which support product is more appropriate.

However, there are several considerations that it is essential to take into account to offer the professional as much information as possible and help them make the most appropriate decision. After all, it is the caregivers and family members who know the dependent best:

– Obtain broad and clear information on the specific pathology suffered by the dependent person

– Know the degree of limitation of the dependent for their daily tasks

– Evaluate the rehabilitative capacity of the product. That is, will it improve the patient’s pathology or will only offer practical help

– Assess the real needs of the dependent person in their day today

– Agree with a professional on the product choice

Supports for lifting or adapting heights:

– Set of leg extenders that raise the furniture

Shower stool

Bed table

– Catapult seat that slides over the couch or chair and is portable for easy sitting and standing

Folding walking stick

Architectural supports:

– Robust and resistant nylon-coated steel handle

– Non-slip floor plate

– Non-slip rubber plinth as interior protector

– Screen magnifier for computer or television

Tables and seats:

– Height-adjustable overbed table and compartments to place eating utensils

– Height adjustable overbed table with variable inclination tabletop

– Light metal frame stool with legs with wheels

– Indoor children’s chair that allows you to sit in different ways

– Children’s chair with height-adjustable and folding footrests

– Cushion formed by independent cells that are inflated by a manual pump

Support for communication and information:

Many of our elders live at home alone, so communicating by phone is one of the most important socialization resources for them. Being in contact with their loved ones makes them happy and allows them to continue with their normal life. Getting products that facilitate this process is essential for your well-being.

– Low vision aids

– Loupes of different sizes that allow different levels of magnification

– Focusable handheld telescopes for distance viewing

– The portable electronic magnifying glass that magnifies images and characters

Props for outdoor leisure:

– Wheelchair for the beach that I can float on the water

– Folding bike with adjustable seat and stabilizer wheels

– Rubber ball that emits sound