BIM software is a advanced 3D modeling method used in powerfully planning, designing, constructing, and managing buildings or infrastructure. With its centralized platform it enables all the employees, management teams and other members related to the project to stay on one page. It is a digital demonstration of physical and efficient character. BIM software is a common information resource for data in relation to a facility creating a dependable basis for decisions throughout its life.

Recent trends in BIM software include taking into consideration certain aspects such as time and costs. For example, 4D BIM software applications allow construction managers to identify how long it will take them to reach milestones. In the case of 5D BIM software solutions, the fifth dimension of materials, labor, and maintenance costs further improves the project management cycle. Superior functionality such as energy efficiency, environmental impact, and maintenance throughout the life of the building is often referred to as the sixth and seventh dimensions of BIM technology.

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Future of BIM Software – AI and BIM
With continuous technological improvements, next-generation 6D BIM is one of the crucial aspects of creating a perfect futuristic construction. But whatever is revolutionized and has already done in many cases, is the technologies and processes that digitize the entire process by real-time visualization.

AI can help reimagine how BIM is implemented more efficiently. Going deeper, the construction industry is set to benefit in two different ways. The first is that AI will support several functions common to all businesses, such as human resources. Second, AI can help with business management to determine demand estimating and scheduling.

AI techniques can be used to improve the development and quality control testing of products and design structures. To be more productive, construction must move from being a conceptual model to a constructible model, and this is where technologies like augmented reality or mixed reality come into the picture and play a big role in enabling the digital engineering process.

Along with this, innovative building materials, such as self-healing concrete, aerogels, and nonmaterial, as well as advanced construction approaches, such as 3D printing and preassembled modules, helps to lower costs and speed up construction while improving quality and safety.

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