You had a serious motorcycle accident and are now suffering from the consequences of the injuries. The opposing insurance creates problems, refuses to pay your justified compensation for pain and suffering and you don’t know what to do next. Now you are looking for a competent and committed motorcycle accident lawyer California who will stand up for you.

Then you are right with us! At,, we are specialized in claims settlement after serious motorcycle accidents. With all of our experience and competence, we campaign for your legitimate claim to compensation for pain and suffering.

We are here to help:

Our motorcycle accident attorney California exclusively represents the victims of a motorcycle accident and never works for the other party involved in the accident or their insurance.

In addition to legal competence, commitment, honesty (e.g. when assessing the chances of success), and, last but not least, empathy is important. We are interested in people and their fates. We listen carefully and want to grasp all facets of a case.

We are firmly by your side – with the necessary assertiveness and with all of our legal and medical experience. Almost every day, we are confronted with images of injuries from motorcyclists who have had an accident. So, we know what to do to ensure your future is at least financially secure.

Accident victims need experienced lawyers:

You may be looking for a motorcycle attorney California in your immediate area. This is understandable, but it could possibly be to your disadvantage. Because you will not necessarily find experienced lawyers for serious personal injury “around the corner”.

At, we have consistently specialized in advising victims of accidents and malpractice only. This means that we reject inquiries from other areas of law without exception and recommend competent colleagues instead.

Successful through experience and competence:

Unfortunately, we keep seeing that accident victims become victims a second time – this time from poor legal advice. Often clients come to us because the previous, non-specialized lawyer has little or no experience in personal injury law. But accident victims need lawyers who have experience in disputes with savvy insurers.

Again and again, we find that some insurers massively delay or even refuse to settle claims even in apparently unambiguous cases. With a specialized California motorcycle accident lawyer by your side, your chances of success increase significantly.

We are here to help you – Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for the best advice!