Smart Sensor Devices, has launched its new Bluetooth low energy USB adapter called BleuIO. This USB dongle can be used to create new ble 5.0 application in the fastest and easiest way.
The BleuIO is a fully integrated solution, providing MCU and Bluetooth® radio in one chip, based on Dialog Semiconductor latest Bluetooth chip DA14683. The FLASH based device permits field or boot upgradable, while application is stored on FLASH memory. Custom settings can also be stored on FLASH memory or OTP for higher integrity. This device supports Windows 10, Linux and macOS. CE declaration and FCC certification ready.
The BleuIO is Bluetooth low energy solution that can be used to create new BLE 5.0 applications in the fastest and easiest way. Just use the AT Commands available on the the device. Details about the AT commands will be found on getting started guide which will help anyone make a fast peripheral or central application (or both), on a incredibly low power platform without having to develop a single line of embedded code. Sample codes for iBeacon, Eddystone Beacon, Scanning, Scan and Store, SPS Script etc has been included on the getting started guide.
The device can be bought from and it will cost $15.99 only.
For more details about BleuIO, Bluetooth Low Energy Adapter, email: