Seatronx is one of the leading rugged electronic manufacturers in the market. Military panel pc is one such proud product from Seatronx used in many industrial, marine, and military applications. It comes with the capacitive multi-touch screen, fan-less cooling system, and optional colour calibrated for ECDIS compliance. The screen comes in different sizes such as 19”, 24”, and 26” panel displays. So you can choose the right one that suits you the best. The different panel PC’s available are:

12” MIL Panel Mount PPC:
This type of MIL PC is crafted exclusively for MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F compliance. It is used in places where one requires reliability and durability at its maximum. It is a high bright sunlight readable unit that is IP66 rated. It can operate at -25 to 600 degrees Celsius. It has anti-acid and anti-corrosion housing and available in different colours.

15” HMI Panel PPC:
The 15” high HMI panel PPC is compact and comes with a fan-less cooling system. The flat front panel touch screen has a built-in PC for powerful computer processing and vivid imagery. It can operate in 9-36v DC power input. It has an Intel 6th gen processor with core i5 or i3 CPU built-in.

15” MIL PPC Console system:
This 15” Console mount Panel PC is built to MIL-STD-810G standards that can withstand vibration shock and temperature. It can be best utilized in both indoor and outdoor applications. It comes with 1000 nits sunlight readable and IP66 protected. It has anti-corrosion aluminum housing and optional programmable function keys on the front panel.

17” & 24” Rack mount Panel PC:
Both these military-grade Rack mount PC run on the Intel Core i7 platform. It is fan-less and has anti-corrosion housing. It operates at 110-240v AC power input and has a built-in light sensor for auto-brightness control. It has ON screen Display control for the benefit of users.

Seatronx is a well-known company that manufactures, distributes, and designs rugged electronic equipment crafted especially for military, maritime and industrial applications. Every product is built according to the industry standards prescribed by the government that serves the customers with its unprecedented performance. All products help industry professionals to solve problems and make their work more efficient. The rugged electronic products include displays, tablets, computers, panel pc, cameras, CCTV, trackballs, and keyboards. To know more details about military panel pc visit,

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