Mykonos is common and sought after by analysts of beautiful shores and extended times of visits and detours but especially maybe not tranquility because in the event that you move there, it is especially because of its various nautical actions including jet skiing, diving, cruises in yachts, catamaran visits or on a sailboat, the puddle and so on.

Beyond the Mykonos yacht charter, tours may be organized starting with the old town. Probably the most normal and reliable small alleys of Greece will also be price visiting. Chapels and churches are not absent, along side museums combining folk art and the ocean in an archaeological setting of the oldest.

For photography lovers, to the west of the community, a type of properties in the shape of a holder by the water. A landscape not at all negligible! That region is known as “Little Venice” and won’t move unnoticed. Certainly, it draws a lot of people and could be the joy of artists and photographers.

Several shores, a few streets leading to it and a few shuttles throughout the year. They are all built with deckchairs for the public: Several motorboats, firm, semi-rigid, for couples, buddies, household or neighbors are to guide and lease for an excellent trip between sky and ocean, with or with no skipper.

The ships taking a dozen people are built with 5 cabins for 1 or 2 people, beds with respect to the number, shower cabins; most of the comfort that lovers of the ocean seek. Get touching and find your best Rent yacht at the most effective prices!

The biggest city in Mykonos is Chora, the money of Ios Island, located over the harbor on a mountain called the Spiritual Hill by their many chapels and churches. The tiny Cyclades is nothing apart from small islands around Delos, the biggest market of the archipelago, to be visited either from over by opting for the helicopter trip, or by taking a ocean excursion aboard a catamaran or even a yacht. Delos is also the busiest place at ocean since from Tourlos, north of Mykonos, there is the SeaBus which supplies the crossing in just 8 moments and every half hour.

Increasing over 105 km2, and lying on the edge of the Aegean Ocean with 89 km of coastline, Mykonos is one of the most normal Greek islands. It therefore advantages both Mykoniates and guests through their major task which is tourism. It is probably the most commercialized island after Santorini. You are able to visit it through the Mykonos Nautical charts Greece, and go around their coasts.