• How does it feel about returning to shooting after a three-month gap?
I cannot put it in words exactly how it feels to return to work after such a long gap, of over three-months now. It feels getting a new kind of freedom and a lease of life. I felt caged like a bird, and now all out flapping our wings ready to fly once again. We are back to what makes us happy, which is being in front of the camera and entertaining our audience. I am incredibly excited to be back in action with this new role of Pulti Bai in the show.

• Tell us about your character in the show?
I will be seen portraying the character of ‘Putli Bai’ in the fresh episodes of &TV’s show Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari. It feels good to be a part of the show, and I am thrilled to be back to shooting after three-month hiatus owning to the lockdown. The moment I read the script, it was an instant yes to this character. I did have two to three offers, but this character was unique and different. It has always been my endeavour to do something different, and this character came by right in time. It challenges the artists like us to go beyond the ordinary.

Everyone gave me a warm welcome on the sets. I am playing a very influential character named ‘Putli Bai’ in the show which will very soon make a Dhamakedaar entry. Born with a heart of Gold, she comes across as Phoolan Devi as her ancestors were in dacoity. How the character of ‘Pulti Bai’ bring about a change and make the world go upside down in Gupta’s family is something to watch out for!

• How did you bag this role/character?
Whenever a character is conceptualised, the artist is accordingly chosen and approached. And that is how I was approached for this role. I am grateful to the Production and Programming to have selected me for this role. There was, of course, a look test and it was instantly a go-ahead from thereon. Everything just fell in place, and here I am as Pulti Bai in &TV’s Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari.

• Did you have to prep for this role? If yes, tell us about the preparations.
Yes absolutely. When a new role comes your way, as an artist, one must immerse themselves into painting in the colour of that character to understand its nuisances, texture, look, feel and dialect. Observation is a very vital aspect. When I bag a role, I try to find out both real and reel ones depicted both on-screen and off-screen to dwell deeper into its overall nuisances, which helps me prepare entirely for the role I am portraying, and I try to incorporate that into my acting.

• Have you started shooting? How has been your experience? Tell us a bit about your first day at the shoot.
Yes, the shooting started, and it was a wonderful and unique experience. After 110 days, I was back to acting and of course, to shooting, that too, with a new project for me. Initially, I was a bit hesitant and anxious, thinking about how the new scheme of things would be with new guidelines. But I settled quite well from the first day itself. The cast and crew welcomed me with open arms, and it was a fun day. Of course, we did follow the protocols of social distancing, wearing a mask, sanitisation, etc., which too was a distinct experience. However, now each one of us will eventually get used to it, over time. There is a lot of excitement, fun and entertainment in the store. I am eagerly looking forward to connecting with our viewers once again through this show.

• Tell us briefly about the storyline for the fresh episodes.
Gudiya’s marriage has always been a sore point for her family, especially her parents Radhe and Sarla. A brand-new family in the neighbourhood is about to knock on the Gupta’s family’s door and maybe directly into Gudiya’s heart! But will Gudiya, with her quips and quirks, once again land herself into an unusual situation? Kya Gudiya unn pe bhi pedegi bhari?

• Any other projects in the pipeline?
Yes, I do have a couple of offers for movie and web series. I had signed in for a few web series, but you will have to wait a while for those announcements to happen. Currently, my entire focus in on Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, and I am eagerly awaiting my audience reaction to my performance.