Directories generally have less traffic than search engines. Therefore, they have a smaller potential audience than engines like Google.

However, it should be noted that, although they are smaller than those of a search engine, the accesses from the directories are of much higher quality, since a user who accessed the site generally had to search for some pages of the lawyers directory before accessing them.

This means that there is a greater intention on the part of the user, and this greater intentionality almost always translates into higher conversion rates. That is more interest in the products or services advertised on the website.

In addition, it should not be forgotten that directories do not usually have spam or low-quality sites. In other words, unlike search engines, which have an excess of poor and dirty sites, search directories only contain sites that apparently can satisfy the user’s requirements and needs. And this is thanks to the work of the editors of these directories.

Finally, it is good to note that being in directories is also crucial to obtain good indexing and good placement, even on search engines. Users can easily find a lawyer.

This is because most search engines – such as Google, primarily use these directories as a starting point for browsing the web, as well as using them as terms of comparison to assess the quality of a website and then decide its positioning.

What is the relationship between search directories and google indexing?

A directory is simply a website that contains a categorized listing of links from across the web. They help users find the best and most informative links for a specific category.

In this way, directories are important tools in creating link popularity and, as a result, help to improve the ranking and indexing of search engines. They are an excellent source of inbound links, which naturally generates traffic to your site, helping Google rank. So, the chances are high to list your firm when a user from your city or location searches on the internet – “find a lawyer near me”.

Anyone who knows the basics of SEO knows that Google uses one of its indexing criteria to link to other sites that are already ranked on their search pages and that point to your site. This is problematic for new domains, as it is necessary to gradually build this link building. And it is precisely at this point that a search directory can be favorable for sites that are not yet indexed in Google.