17 September 2020, India: Every lab needs the right equipment. Be it for scientific, experimental, or educational purposes. In this article we will give information about the proper ways to select your laboratory furniture.


As per the SEFA guidelines, there are different classes of the furniture you might choose for your lab. Depending on the flexibility and adaptability, SEFA classifies the furniture under 8 groups or classes. Kewaunee’s website (https://www.kewaunee.in/adaptable-furniture-systems.php) clearly mentions the classes from 1 to 8 along with examples. This will help clients seeking modular laboratory furniture to make the right choice.


Class 1 of the lab furniture is the most basic. It is floor mounted. It doesn’t move. It’s for all those labs which are not planning to shift anywhere anytime soon. This furniture is suited well when there is no frequent shifting and reconfiguration of the lab layout. As far as the later class goes by, as you move ahead on the scale of the lab furniture classes, the mobility to use the furniture increases. For instance, class 8 workstation or the furniture used in your labs is going to be highly mobile. You can take it anywhere from one location to another, as and when the changes occur.


Once the class of furniture is chosen, the next important criteria is to select the lab furniture material of construction. Kewaunee has a variety of choice from metal, wooden, phenol, plastic, and even stainless steel at present. The choice of material of construction depends on the experimentations done in the lab. For instance, if you have a normal lab with no harmful chemicals, you can simply go for the wooden or plastic lab furniture. However, in certain cases where chemicals are used heavily, it’s best to go for the stainless steel or metal case works. These materials ensure the usability and durability of the same furniture for a long time.

Each furniture is meant for a certain use. You can check their type, finish, compliance, certifications on our site to make a better decision for your lab’s furniture. For more visit the website https://www.kewaunee.in/laboratory-furniture.php

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