Keeping in mind the safety and health of students and professors The Delhi School of Communication has decided to provide the students with online classes during this ongoing pandemic.

DSC, which is one of the top mass communication colleges, has made all sorts of arrangements to provide the highest level of education in the field of mass media. DSC offers a revamped Mass Comm and Media course that is popular to business. Students get high tech audio visual equipment to understand studio performance in a range of forms, such as panel meetings, news, post-production, outdoor performance, and so on.

Commenting on the decision taken, one of the spokesperson of the DSC college stated “This is a serious problem for the entire world. The virus is lethal and students’ health can not be endangered, so we have agreed to use the technology to continue to teach our students with the best available tools. The college has also helped to create a safe and efficient network of connectivity to the homes so that teachers and students need not face any challenges during their studies. Until the pandemic does not get over we will continue with the online classes as it is the best option we have for now.”

The faculty members available here are exceptionally trained and have excellent technical and teaching abilities. The College runs a Business Employability Enhancement Initiative to enable students to pursue appropriate job placements. The academic regime helps students to communicate routinely with high-ranking media practitioners, granting them global visibility.

About DSC

The marketing communication programme at Delhi School of Communication is a postgraduate Diploma in Communication and masters in Mass Communication. It integrates areas of advertisement, digital communication & marketing, and strategy to create communication. DSC has been a first in many domains. It pioneered the concept of integrated marketing communication training.

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