India, September 17, 2020

– Aim of the initiative: to establish a banking platform for cryptocurrency
– Various providers of cryptocurrencies are to be aggregated as an independent company
– Open initiative integrated to integrate several partners
– Interested partners are invited to inform and register at

Antier Solutions, the world’s best blockchain development company, has launched highly-secure and powerful “White Label Digital Asset Bank Software” to bridging cryptocurrency in banking.

Antier Solutions team has extensive experience delivering blockchain-based banking services for the Money Services Business industry and continues its successful approach with cryptocurrencies customers by providing reductant banking relationships and services, helping to eliminate the potential threat of bank discontinuance.

With our crypto friendly banking solutions, every start-up, well-established organizations, and financial institutions can launch their own crypto bank to empower their customer to trade, store, and manage their own fiat & cryptos all in one place.

Blockchain-based development solution has the power to enhance security, speed, and operational efficiency for banks in several business areas such as payments, asset management, loyalty, and loans. It can also be used to resolve bottlenecks within regulatory processes such as KYC, fraud, and AML.

“We have invested in the people, technology, and processes to understand how blockchain can be used in core financial functions. We are already consulting with numerous reputable and well-renowned banking/financial institutions and regulators to assess and integrate a range of blockchain-based solutions into the retail banking, commercial banking, and global markets”, said Vikram.R.Singh, the CEO of Antier Solutions.

Our white label crypto software platform can:

• Streamlines and accelerates the process to build and run a completely digital bank that helps you gain an essential competitive edge.
• Serves as a cornerstone of augmented performance – even for established banks while enabling them to maintain their core legacy system.

The Company’s Crypto Banking Software Solution will enable Financial Institutions or enterprises to use their existing hardware and software to offer their clients access to a fully integrated cryptocurrency processing and transaction solution. The implementation will only need to do some minor changes to their traditional systems, which eliminate the need to develop and maintain their own in-house proprietary cryptocurrency processing technology. This allows for a low-cost ready-made white label crypto friendly banking solution to be quickly implemented without the requirement for an extended and costly development cycle.

Once integrated through our secure API, Financial Institutions, enterprises, or start-ups will be able to offer their customers crypto banking services accessible via their current online bank profile. The crypto bank accounts will have the same features and functionality as standard chequing and savings accounts. This includes the ability to add various crypto accounts/wallets, transfer, deposit, withdraw, make a payment, view transactions; and the ability to link their crypto bank account to their existing debit cards.

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About Antier Solutions

Antier Solutions is a leading blockchain development company offering its promising services all across the globe to assist businesses to tap into the crypto market. By harnessing the potential of blockchain and other technologies like a distributed ledger and smart contracts, we have developed scalable, asset agnostic applications such as white label exchange platforms (centralized, decentralized, and P2P), smart wallets, ICO, STO, tokens, blockchain-based MLM software, crypto banking development software and other enterprise blockchain solutions development. Our cohesive team of blockchain experts leverages a technology-agnostic approach to complementing blockchain with other technologies and delivering meaningful solutions.

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