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Did you know that Tonga baskets are baskets woven by the Tonga women of the Southern Province of Zambia, who are renowned for their basket weaving? At African Creative your one-stop shop for original handcrafted African products, you will find the best fare African Tonga Baskets online. The baskets have a distinctive design and every basket is a unique one of a kind item. The item is sold as a group, as well as single basket so you will receive these exact baskets with traditional designs including stripes, a spider web type pattern and a lightening pattern.

At African Creative these baskets come out of the remote and rural Binga District of Zimbabwe. The Tonga tribe women have been making baskets from the Ilala Palm leaves for centuries and are very well known for their weaving skills. Tonga baskets were, traditionally, used for carrying maize or sorghum from harvesting in the fields. You might notice that the shades seen in each basket are made using 100% natural dyes.

You can use the Tonga Baskets by mixing them for an awesome wall basket collage. African Creative offers awesome Tonga Baskets that are perfect for gifting purpose. Tonga Baskets handmade of Africa prove as Authentic & Unique 100% handmade gift with love, passion and pride. It is a great opportunity to support African Artisans. Beautifully crafted, hand woven baskets come straight from artisans. These baskets can also be used to store toys, letters, fruits or as a wall decoration.

A variety of basket styles are created in different areas of remote and rural Binga District of Zimbabwe. The African Creative team asserts that these baskets are rustically woven and rooted in Tonga culture. Further, all baskets are colored with natural vegetable dyes, or use no dyes at all, relying instead on natural contrasts in the weaving materials. Each type of basket is named according to the area from which it originates. You will be pleased to display the striking patterns which are unique to each style of basket.

About African Creative:
African Creative is the leading supplier of original, wire beaded designs to art lovers locally and from around the globe. They have experience of 15 years. As an established and professional arts business, their small team of artists creates wire, bead and rope artwork in their workshop in Cape Town.

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