The untamed and limitless potential of one of the youngest Entrepreneur of India, Harshit KZ has acquired 4 companies into the Board of Fliar Business Intelligence Pvt Ltd, his latest found organization.

After dissolving of ‘D Bareilly Group’, Harshit KZ looks like has narrowed his 100% focus toward to scale-up of Fliar BI which is his lately found Information Technology organization back in 2019, after the voluntary basic departure from the Board of D Bareilly Group, with a testament to entitle his ‘Chairman’ position and shares to Anwesha Mukherjee, a contemporaneous CEO of the company.

Harshit KZ is now fully set to fire up his new startup to the Multinational Stage called Fliar Business Intelligence and his recent actions confirm his forthcoming destination – “Congrats Fliar is now under 2 Lakh of Alexa within 3 months of B2B launch, Next is under 10K within 1 year” – 1 Sep 2020 on Linkedin.

On the 5th of September, 2020 Harshit KZ’s PR Representative, Neetika Tanwar officially produced the statement of the acquisition of 4 startup companies – “We have acquired the 3 companies and 1 website that are Private Limited Company Directory, Sympero, Entertaino Media Pvt Ltd, Pagalworld to empower @fliarbi”.

Recently sources reported that Harshit KZ, documentarily named Narendra Kumar from the city of Uttar Pradesh, India, has invested a whopping amount of half-million American Currency to his startup company Fliar BI which gained the international media attention and featured inside some of the most popular business newspapers of the world.

Fliar BI was initiated at the end of 2017, with its parent organization D Badaun Group Association which was never incorporated and shut down in early 2019 – according to the official live sessions by Harshit KZ.

But, Harshit KZ took Fliar BI at the place of BBI, a dreamed organization that he wanted to bring down, for which he also carried out many of Interviews and meetings in New Delhi, but the organization could never be phenomenal, however, as a replacement Fliar BI has taken up the same concept.

Harshit & Team reportedly have driven their attention full into technology and innovation – they are working on a b2b platform and AI-based ranking and rating algorithm to rank and rate the companies across the globe and fliar’s b2b has already surpassed 2.5 Million business profiles already in just few months.

The company has aimed to make cutting edge technology like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Robotic Process Automation, IoT, etc to be very common and affordable for the Indian Businessmen.

Harshit, began his journey with creating web applications, entertainment websites, and blogs in 2011, when he was just in 8th standard, later in 2014 Harshit found KZ-RT BPF Server along with 21 people under which they used to create websites and hire content writers.