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Hospitals are an extremely crucial component of the society, and have quite a significant role to play in ensuring the overall well-being of the local communities. However, for the purpose of carrying out their responsibilities, it is crucial for hospitals to be equipped with premium biomedical supplies. Hospitals need to have all the major biomedical equipment necessary, as well as items like ECG leadwires and cables, in order to function seamlessly. USOC Medical is among the most reliable companies in California through which firms can purchase such biomedical supplies. This company even offers competent repairing services for various types of biomedical equipment.
USOC Medical is an ISO certified company through which one can purchase biomedical equipment belonging to globally known brands like GE and Philips, including the advanced Philips mx400 monitor. This compact and highly transportable unit offer comprehensive patient information at a glance, thereby providing great help to medical professionals who need to attend multiple patients. The display screen of this patient monitor, along with its ambient light sensor, has the capacity to adjust the screen brightness level automatically enabling the physicians and nurses to do accurate readings in nearly any lighting environment. This feature can significantly help medical professionals who make rounds at night.
In addition to the purchase of branded biomedical equipment, USOC Medical can be trusted for telemetry repair and other such solutions. Apart from telemetries, people can also get transducers, central stations, patient monitors and other biomedical equipment repaired and fixed through this company. It is staffed with experienced and trained professionals who can competently handle such repair work.
People can contact USOC Medical at 1-855-888-USOC or 1-949-243-9111.
About the company:
USOC Medical is a reliable biomedical equipment service and repair company that is located in Irvine, California. It largely caters to hospitals and medical firms.