Summary – UbiTrack brings about yet another breakthrough in the field of Indoor positioning System

UbiTrack has made the most accurate, flexible and low cost model of a real-time tracking and positioning system. A floor plan can be uploaded just by configuring and deploying in four easy steps. UbiTrack has the best in house designing team that customizes the user experience to the customer’s requirements.

UbiTrack Positioning system considers the different Positioning business needs which are then assessed by complex processing algorithms. It adopts innovative data analytics and multiple algorithms. UbiTrack reduces the hidden dangers in production plants, reduces production cost and ensures smart management. Production efficiency is improved through scheduling.

These read-to-use products are ideal for custody monitoring, logistics, sports fields and even warehouses. It comes with indoor positioning anchors, badges with screens, positioning civilian wristbands with wristband charging cable, good positioning tags, switch and adapters. The range is extendable by increasing the number of tags and anchors. It provides up to 10cms of accuracy and a very easy integration process which is user friendly. It consumes lesser power as compared to other positioning systems that only provide measurements in centimeters. This Indoor Position Tracking System gives you all the customization options you need.

Indoor positioning System Bluetooth by UbiTrack provides its users a high level of precision .It aims to provide maximum satisfaction to its customers with impeccable technical support and services. This smart tracking solution also provides playback with multiple speed and smart screening for better adaptability of its users.

About Ubitrack :- UbiTrack is a reputed company and manufacturer of Indoor Positioning Tracking System that specializes in providing real time positioning for indoors and outdoors for a huge client base across the world. A well functioning in house team makes hardware, firmware ensuring that the positioning solution system is more efficient. The installation and set up has been developed in such a manner that is most user friendly and allows the customers to create custom integration. Click here to know more about us