India, (September 16, 2020): Sucheta Bhattacharjee launched her thoughtfully designed online music classes from India to train, mentor and encourage her students and other aspirants of music in the new Covid world reality. Founder of the pioneering Centre of Excellence in Indian & Western Music, in collaboration with the Government of Meghalaya, Sucheta Bhattacharjee has a large group of online students. She has trained numerous students from across the world for more than 20 years, most of whom are successful musicians, playback singers, stage performers and champions of big shows like Zee Saregamapa, Little Champs, Star Voice of India, Colours Sur Kshetra and others. Her students have also been signed by major music labels in India. She also has a large number of students who are successful professionals in other fields like doctors, engineers, government officials, corporate professionals and even stay at home men and women. 

No longer is the Covid pandemic a constraint for her students throughout the world because of the ease of her online classes. Considered as one of the best music teachers in India, Sucheta conducts her online music classes on Indian Classical Music, Light Music, Bollywood Playback Singing and Indian Traditional Music. Sucheta’s Indian music classes are available to music enthusiasts worldwide. They can easily join the online music classes by registering on her official website 

The online singing lessons are affordable and designed for students so that they don’t face any budgetary constraints. Register for her online singing lessons from India or from anywhere else in the world and “Discover your voice, find your expression and define your artistry”, as said by Sucheta Bhattacharjee. 

About Sucheta Bhattacharjee:

Sucheta Bhattacharjee is an Indian classical singer, music mentor, a collaborative artiste and one of the country’s popular voice trainers.

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