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knows. So I also compiled a second list to augment the first. The second list gives my best advanced tips. The end result is, I hope, something that’s valuable to both levels of trainees. Steel Bite Pro – Learn Form and Technique Novice Tip The worst things I see in the gym include rounded backs during deadlifts, quarter squats, and partial pressing with no apparent reason. Take the time to learn the movements and you’ll set yourself up for a long career of continued success. Begin with body weight, then progress to a broomstick, and then work your way up to a bar. After that, keep feeding yourself more and more weight. If your technique isn’t perfect with no weight, then it makes no sense to keep adding weight to the bar. Once your technique is perfected, the sky’s the limit. If your pattern of movement isn’t right, then you won’t be able to advance. You can’t sprint before you walk, so learn to walk first! There’s a lot