Nature always fascinates and to deal with it delicately one requires brilliant artistic skills equipped with an innovative mind. As nature and realistic expressions on canvass always co-exist, their blending needs plenty of hard work….In painting nature naturally, an artist who has reached a high level in a short span of time, is naturalist Sandhya R Vaish, Fondly known as “Little Artist”

Born in Uttarakhand, Sandhya has developed a special and unique style of her own by expressing herself through all shades and aspects of nature in her modern designs. With her background in natural surrounding and art, Sandhya possesses a deep understanding of the natural designs and the innovative use of colours with which she has created a new classicism. These creations, she considers the highpoint in her life. “Right from the childhood, I lived among trees, deep forests, springs, rivers and clouds, which ultimately shaped my thoughts and feelings and gradually I began my painting with all these feelings with mind and imagination giving shape to some natural artistic works, She says.