NEWSTIME, SEPTEMBER 16, 2020 has launched a new private digital wallet that is a whole lot better, safer and secure than all other existing digital crypto wallets. While providing the secure digital transaction, the My Monero anonymous online wallet also provides absolute anonymity to the users.

Being very easy to use, My Monero is lodged comfortably between top security, high convenience and excellent features. Highly efficient and lightweight, My Monero encourages people to be their own bank. Users can send funds anywhere, anytime, to anyone in the world with bare minimum charges, one of the least ever. There are no other bank fees and no hidden charges. My Monero provides a level of security and convenience that no other digital crypto wallet does.

Users can create a new wallet to start with My Monero or use their existing digital crypto wallet. They are easy to create on and users can start benefiting right away. There are no hassles whatsoever and it works like a charm right from the get go.

“This feels so good I can’t explain. We were wondering if we’ll find takers for My Monero instead of other digital crypto wallets. But we had hope that we’re giving them something they don’t have elsewhere. Security and anonymity. In a world that is increasingly becoming less and less private while demand for privacy is skyrocketing, My Monero is able to restore sanity and provide fully secure and anonymous transactions all the time. It goes without saying that is our USP and always will be integral to who we are. Because we are what we provide. We are determined to keep working harder to maintain our USP and the safety and security of our clients as well as flawless business activities”, said the designers of My Monero App.

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About is a digital crypto wallet that offers its clients top level security and total anonymity along with fully and totally secure financial transactions.