Antier Solutions team has extensive experience delivering blockchain-based procurement service to create a solution that covers the entire spectrum of PTP processes – from scanning and processing invoices, data management, funds management to ensuring on-time payment while minimizing value leakage and reducing the cost of operations.

Our blockchain technology can disrupt the PTP process and provide operational benefits like better transparency, security, and efficiency in transactions. Furthermore, blockchain in procurement can decrease the workload of streamlining by automating the exchange of information.

Like other large global organizations, Antier works with a large volume of suppliers in many different locations. In recent years, our businesses have become more diverse and the pace of business has increased. As a result, so too have the types of suppliers and contractors we do business with—from large multinationals to individual freelancers. Managing all the relationships is a complex activity and onboarding new suppliers is an intensive process of data collection. Then, we click this idea of developing blockchain-based procurement & supply chain solutions.

“Our team of blockchain developers has designed an innovative blockchain procure to pay platform. It connects suppliers and buyers and provides complete data ownership and responsibility in the hands of the suppliers, and is on a blockchain network accessible by a distributed application so the data can be shared easily and securely”, said Vikram.R.Singh, the CEO of Antier Solutions.

Our blockchain procurement solution development services provide business value to our customers by helping them achieve the following:

1) Easy user onboarding
2) Improved validation and authentication
3) Invoice processing
4) Accelerated settlements
5) Greater trust among stakeholders
6) Reduced money laundering risk

The outcomes you will get by integrating blockchain-based procure-to-pay process in your ecosystem:

• Reduction in cost which further reduced effort duplication, audit & tracking, automation of manual work, and end-to-end data mutualization.
• Reduction in time spent by buyer procurement teams to maintain and update vendor master data.
• More than 95% compliance rate you can get via embedded risk assessments and workflow logic.
• Around 73% reduction in time to onboard a supplier end to end—from 2 weeks to less than a week.
• Around 39% reduction in manual data entry through a reduction in the number of questions and through automation, which improves efficiency and saves money.

Blockchain procurement solution provides the decentralized marketplace for buyers and suppliers, confirms data synchronicity between trading parties, provides tamper-evident suitability for transactions, and speeds the formation of new business relations.

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