A lot like love, a lot like roses!
There probably is no other symbol of love that enjoys such universal fame and acceptance, extending over centuries, the way roses do. In all their gorgeous varieties, they add a special nuance to the message they’re spelling out and a certain tone to the aesthetic.
Weddings and roses too, are a match made in heaven. Roses have been a top choice for varmala for decades, and continue to hold a place of prominence. Let’s take a look at some of their most stunning types that are sure to wow the beholder.

The Classic Red Rose Magic

A plain red Rose Petal Garland with curled up, velvety petals stacked together remains a timeless classic. Whole blooms are just as great an option for the quintessential varmala that matches with the traditional red bridal ensemble.

Pastel Passion

A soft, serene blend of these intoxicating blooms is a sight for sore eyes. A pastel Rose Garland combining two or more light shades of roses has skyrocketed in demand. While they suffice in their rustic elegance, couples are experimenting with them by taking the simple floral festoon up a notch. Try out tiered or double jaimalas or more flamboyant versions of these with added baby’s breath or artificial embellishments that lend them the brilliance customary of desi weddings.

Summer Love

We’re looking at warmer hues here- yellow and orange roses that seem just as much fun as they are pleasing. Add some cheer to your Wedding Garland with the help of these lively and slightly uncommon choices of fresh blossoms to ensure that they catch the eyes. A splash of sunshine, these radiant roses can jazz up the simplest of attires.

Floral Potpourri

This is essentially everything floral and fashionable. Thanks to the mind-blowing variety of roses we have been blessed with, creating stellar combinations to get you hooked isn’t that hard. So if you’re crushing hard on floral flourish, mix your roses with carnations, hydrangeas, lotus, marigold, orchids and virtually any other blossoms of your choice.
The key is to have riveting pairs that command attention- it could be an Ombre Indian Wedding Garland with slowly transitioning stacks of rose petals strung together or a fuller piece cushioning dreamy pink roses with frilly carnations.

Old Friends

As entrenched in the Indian wedding scene as roses are, so are their loyal companions like jasmine and baby’s breath. The familiar contrast of red roses with these dainty off-white blooms never fails to stun the onlookers. Nowadays, one can find Flower Garlands that utilize a veni-like floral mesh encasing or floral knots and braids comprising these delicate blossoms to adorn a basic rose festoon. Green accents remain popular too.

Rustic And Chic

The good old monochromes are here to stay! If you’re bored of plain red roses, try out baby pink or white roses threaded into garlands that look nothing short of awesome in their clean, minimalist aesthetic. They can go well with any kind of attire and speak volumes, even in their simplicity. Wearable for a long time and easy to manage, there’s absolutely no reason to not adore these!

A Dollop Of Vibrancy

In keeping with the glitter glam spirit of Indian weddings, do not shy away from sparkling embellishments to adorn your Fresh Flower Garlands. Look for festoons with gold tissue flowers, rhinestone-studded balls, jhoomars, pearls and other colorful beads. These showy garlands embody festive enthusiasm and wonderfully complement your ritzy outfits.

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