Burnaby, British Columbia, September 10, 2020 – Propel Guru, a Digital Marketing and Website Development Company in Canada, has announced that it will be hosting a free webinar on How To Maintain A Balance Between Professional And Personal Lives on September 30, 2020 (Wednesday) at 11 am EST (3 pm GMT and 8:30 pm IST).

The webinar will be presented by Grace Grossmann, Well-Being Coach and Yoga Teacher, and Ajay Dubedi, the CEO and Founder of Propel Guru.

This health and wellness webinar will help attendees make more money and still stay close to peace and satisfaction as a result of having improved productivity, success, focus, and above all the right balance in all areas of your life. It will also help them increase the revenues for their company, department, or business by providing tips, information, and tools for how to have a healthy work life-balance and be more effective, productive, and engaged in all areas of the life.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:
How to speed up the process of self-recognition and the path to a better self-awareness
Enhance the freedom to choose your response to stimulus
Mindfulness & Self-Awareness Training to become a powerful leader
How to couple self-awareness with communications to address project issues
How to embrace Personal Reflection and Self Awareness
The crucial “flip” in thinking that you must make to transition to leading others for the first time
The key skills that all leaders of people and projects must build and continuously hone
Identifying what balance is with the mind and body (self-awareness)
Knowing your boundaries and becoming aware of your surroundings (mindfulness)
Balancing stillness in solitude/connection with others
How Coaching can help guide you to find/stick to inner balance?

Who should attend:

Managers of people or projects looking for tips to develop themselves into better leaders
Talent Management or Learning & Development professionals responsible for developing first-time, first-level, or frontline leaders; or those seeking to understand innovative approaches to developing their talent or those who want to discover inner peace