Docmation, the leading B2B Salesforce Commerce and CPQ and Billing consulting company, is co-hosting Virtual Cocktail Mixology Class with Salesforce – scheduled to be held on September 16, 2020, at 4:00 PT.

The class will be hosted by the celebrated craft alcohol company, The Crafty Cask, for a duration of 60 minutes wherein guests will get a virtual one-on-one with the Founder of The Crafty Cask, Suzanne Henricksen, along with certified sommelier and mixologist, Evan Rothrock; they will learn all about the style of alcohol being served and mix 2-3 families of cocktails to understand how amazing cocktails can be created by mixing a variety of flavors.

Docmation has always been one to organize and participate in events such as these that allow one and all to come together to network, engage, learn, and make lasting memories, and we believe that not even geographical boundaries and times like these must stop us from doing so.

“Docmation has made it a top priority to support the community in which we serve, and that includes participating in events throughout the country where we can come together to meet people, talk, have fun, network and explore opportunities,” said Prasad Pamidi, Founder and Principal at Docmation.

About Docmation

Docmation is a global leader helping companies in their digital transformation of their Cart-to-Cash and Quote-to-Cash processes through Salesforce B2B Commerce and CPQ & Billing. With over a decade of experience in working across all Salesforce Clouds, supported by a skilled team of over 100 certified Salesforce experts, and backed by testimonies of 200+ happy clients, Docmation assists organizations in achieving their business goals through innovative and market-leading solutions. Docmation is also the first-ever recipient of the Salesforce Bolty Award for the best B2B Commerce Partner Trailblazer, awarded for its exceptional contribution to Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud. Docmation client-base includes Palo Alto Networks, Docker, Wolters Kluwer, Alliance Consumer Group, Novartis, Ithaka, and Sage to name a few.

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About The Crafty Cask

Connoisseurs of authentic wine or not, The Crafty Cask has craft alcohol that will suit every taste. Via virtual tasting sessions, The Crafty Cask aims to establish a strong bonding among people over delectable, one-of-its-kind, locally-prepared wine, beer, and spirits. In the company’s own words, they “support local, craft, artisan alcohol producers, celebrate all things craft alcohol, and use their unique drinks to draw people closer to each other.” And what’s more is that these bonding sessions, be it corporate or private, ultimately become educational as people are taught all about craft alcohol via the Founder of the company, Suzanne Henricksen, and established sommelier and mixologist, Evan Rothrock. The company enables craft drinkers to up their drinking game and craft makers to supercharge their marketing.

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